Born in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada in July, 1991.

Righ Knight started his path to success at an early age with
his own Media and Graphics companies that take his life of learned
innovation and translates them into engines of creation and revenue
for everyone involved.
Righ's vision and determination make him a powerful ally to anyone
seeking to upgrade their lifestyle or way of life. Righ's favorite game is
Monopoly, he takes the values that can be learned from playing and
applies them to real-life situations.
With aspirations for the silver screen, the library, becoming a restaurateur and even a stage or two Righ continues to work hard to accomplish the goals he set for himself at the tender age of 8.

Righ graduates grade 12 (G.E.D) and starts learning code.

Righ having taught himself to code, begins working two full-time jobs to support his future goals.
Righ gets hired at 6th Ave Bread & Deli training under Phil Willows and eventually takes over the opening process and morning baking duties of the store, 7 days a week.


Righ gets hired at Savers and starts working Full-time.
Righ leaves both of his Job's to begin training with the McDonalds corporation Full-Time.

In early 2006 Righ Developed a Popular Web Series under the name of TheDARKLORDrules, a satirical variety show aimed at teens and young adults. All that survives of the channel after being pulled for using someone else's musical content (A no, no in the early days of youtube) is a few scattered comments from late 2006, early 2007.
Simultaneously a second channel was created and saved for its intended use at a later date.

Righ feeling that Youtube and Dailymotion were the next large platforms for video sharing. Formed the CaliburX brand and ClubX & Video2PunishU weekly video series. Which included some of the first AMV's where music was put to an Anime fight scene, an act which has now become common practise, got the youtube channel removed, the Dailymotion channel however still stands with many of the videos still intact.
​Righ gets hired at McDonalds Full-Time in New Westminster by Wendy Abraham at her Wal-Mart Express location.
Righ also gets hired at Wal-Mart Full time managing the back-end as Unloader Leader.

Righ developed a Webseries with his brother George Knight but when his brother dropped out of the series after just 3 episodes the videos were pulled from the page altogether. So a Second Channel was opened for a single-man show that continued for 2 episodes before being shut down due to lack of time for the project. was Launched for the first time.
Righ gets Married to Ainsley Knight (
Née Pinck)

Righ works at Pizzafactory, Panago and BellaPizza simultaneously to develop his 'secret cheese sauce' for his DriveThruPizza Franchise concept.
Righ get's hired at Shred-It Full-Time by Dallas Duke as a Document Destruction Specialist.
Righ's Son is born.

Righ launches Legacy Corporation on July 11th.
Righ Signs his first 3 year, $30,000 contract with Phillip Shearcroft in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.
(3 years as Store manager of a Wok Box Restaurant)
Righ gets hired as Store Manager (IT) at Dollarama in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.
Righ's first Daughter is born.

Righ Knight's Youtube Channel gets taken over by Vevo.
Righ Joins Hubpages to share some of his thoughts on society, science and culture.
​Righ starts a job as Store Manager on a year contract for Purdy's Chocolates in Langley, British Columbia.
Righ start's professionally writing, blogging and studying Health full-time.
Righ's second Daughter is born.

Righ publishes his first non-fiction work.
Righ opens KnightCANPress as his personal publishing brand.
Righ moves his head office to the World Trade Center in Vancouver.

Righ begins writing his second book.
Gorgon Publishing is founded as an imprint of KnightCANPress.
Righ starts writing for Wired and Examiner.

Righ's third Daughter is born.

Righ inks a $10,000 contract with Cam & Jameson MacDonald.
moves his head office to the Prestigious Park Place tower.
Righ upgrades his corporation to an enterprise.
Knight enterprises is founded.


Righ Knight